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300M Introduction to Orphanages and Shelter Homes

We are excited at the opportunity to use stories to transform children from Orphanages and Shelter Homes.

300M has a program to integrate storytelling into Shelter Homes and Orphanages that is therapeutic for the child.

The 300M Citizens’ Challenge continues with Katha’s mission to remove children from poverty in all its forms – Social, Personal, Intellectual, Cultural and Environmental – via stories, story telling and Story Pedagogy.

300M/ Katha is engaged with with a few Shelter Homes and Orphanages – Salaam Baalak Trust, SPYM and CWC_Katyayani Balika Ashram – and this intervention has seen some encouraging transformation in these children. With them, we have engaged with 1000+ children across 15 homes.

We have used narrative therapy (with stoytelling) to demonstrate compassion, empathy, and trust in children. With senior children, StoryPedagogy also builds higher-order 21st-century skills like critical thinking, curiosity, and collaboration.

Learn.katha.org is platform with child-centric content with mentor-led delivery. The platform has hundreds of books, stories, and activities. The users can access interactive activities and games that help them develop essential skills like compassion, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. These help disadvantaged children overcome the trauma and challenges they have faced in their lives.

By partnering with 300M / Katha, mentors from Orphanages and Shelter Homes can join thousands of facilitators in providing your orphans and affected children with the tools they need to succeed.

We welcome you on this mission and we can work together to make a positive difference in the lives in each of of these children.

Please find a two-pager and the approach paper that together explains the blended learning advantages.

You can reach out to rajni.kumar@katha.org, and she will be able to guide you. You can also download the 300M Shelter Homes Approach Paper here.

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