The 300M Learning Portal [] is India’s First and world’s only multi-language activity story-based learning platform. The feature-rich child-friendly platform gamifies the concept of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) concerning SDG 3 (Quality Education), SDG 4 (Gender Equality), and SDG 13 (Climate Action) for Early Learners – especially from underprivileged backgrounds.

Since its launch on December 15, 2020, 300M has touched 100,000 children. Over 10,000 facilitators have are registered on with over 1.1 Million engagements.

Even during the phase when the education ecosystem was put to stress test, during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, the 300M learning portal filled the gap by engaging with partners and communities in enabling learning to the remotest parts of the country.

With over 500+ eBooks (and growing rapidly) across major Indian languages, engaging child-friendly content has always been a top priority at 300M. We have over 90+ courses on TADAA! The format includes dozens of story videos. There are over 300+ Gamification Activities for children aged between 5y to 13+ years.

During Wave 2 of COVID, we launched a 100-day COVID Hatao Abhiyan India [CHAI] with our partners with COVID-specific content and activities for children like “Super Kids save India.”

rJAM with partners is another area where we innovated by collaborating and co-creating content building on partners’ expertise. As a result, we have content for specially-abled children. In addition, we have international content, including in areas like sensitizing children towards animals.