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Launching re:learn, a new approach to staying at your peak

About a year ago, we launched the 300M learning workshops to empower our partners and facilitators to reach their peak performance. Today we are refueling the initiative taking it a notice higher with re:learn.

Unleashing your Potential with re:learn

Re:learn is our effort to create a new approach to staying at your peak. Based on the latest feedback and inputs, we’ve designed a comprehensive program that helps trainers to gain new perspectives and content and provides a clear roadmap of how to reach their goals.

This is backed by a live Q&A session each week where participant’s queries Are directly addressed by a panel of experts.

re:learn, is built on the foundation of knowledge sharing, collaboration and continuous learning and that these are the key ingredients to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving world.

The new re:learn program from 300M has –

  • New Content, Fresh Trainers, New Perspectives
  • Live Q&A, Badges, E-certificates
  • On-demand access to learning anytime, anywhere.

Registered users’ fast login – https://bit.ly/P1OnboardAssist New users can register at learn.katha.org

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at www.300m.in or  300m@katha.org

Let’s keep evolving!

We are excited to bring you the re:learn. Are you?

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