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Making India an Academic Kingship: NEP 2020 and 300M/Katha

The Indian government launched a new National Education Policy in 2020. This is one of the significant changes in the Indian Education system in the last three decades. The new policy focuses on providing quality education to all students, promoting a holistic approach to learning, emphasising research and innovation, and advancing collaboration between the public and private sectors. It aims to make India a global knowledge superpower by strengthening and reforming the existing school education system and higher education. The policy focuses on improving the quality of teaching and empowering teachers and institutions to use modern technology, and it also encourages the development of multidisciplinary studies.

Our education system was mired with rote learning for a long time. This is why generations of children have failed to grasp the true spirit of education. The new education policy promises to rid the system of exam-oriented education and lays down the foundation for the holistic development of each student.

Children sitting in a classroom in rural India – AI generates an image by @lexicaart

The policy also makes provision for vocational courses at secondary and higher secondary education stages. It also seeks to align higher education qualifications and systems to international standards by giving autonomous status to institutions of higher learning. It also creates a regulatory framework for online learning, allowing for greater flexibility and access to quality education.

At 300M/Katha, we have been involved with holistic education for over 30 years. The curriculum includes 21st-century skills like gender, equality, earth and kindness (GEEK) and helps children develop a multidisciplinary approach to education. It enables our children to have the c9 skills of critical thinking, curiosity and creativity.

The new education policy 100% aligns with Katha’s vision of empowering children with skills to help them become global citizens and better prepared for the future.

We hope the NEP 2020 will lead to a more democratic India, with educational excellence as its vital principle.

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