300M Citizens’ Challenge is pivoted around broad-based open-collaborative partnerships and is India’s first and unique model to enhance the joy of learning towards learning outcomes for children. The underlying principle of 300M is to use technology and partnerships to scale the interventions and impact massively.

  • the 300M framework fosters local innovation by leveraging last mile reach rather than reinventing the wheel, and by aligning and amplifying proven local best practices, and learning from each other
  • it uses the e-cube model with partners for longtail impact – engage, enable. empower
  • The methodology leverages the other two Katha pillars – 33 years of content leadership and decades of proven story pedagogy with Tadaa!
  • It is built on a robust open-source based technology backbone  for scale, sustainability, reach

We strongly believe that 300M Citizen’s Challenge Alliance will not just educate and empower children with the joy of reading, but it’s ripples will uplift the women and communities, and propel a tsunami of progress to transform the entire nation. It truly aligns with Futureshift’s BetterBhavishya’s vision of creating a long-term sustainable impact in education.

Futureshift Consulting, 300M Knowledge Partner