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From the heart of the little ones – a poem

A neo-impressionist art of English Alphabet floating its way to form a paragraph in a bright, colourful bok with pictures of the forests in the background

We were all but some random alphabets,
Floating aimlessly on those pages,
like stars in the sky, like electrons in an atom,
We were all but some random alphabets.

Then came along you 300M, as our teacher,
stringing these random alphabets into words,
lacing our imagination and shaping our thinking,
To create something fresh and new.

And much before we knew it,
we were weaved into beautiful phrases,
knitting our curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking,
creating a new version of my compassionate self.

Bubbling with confidence,
And striving with commitment,
The joy of learning, reading and doing,
In all this, we had fun, lots of fun.

With a sense of citizenship and purpose.
we started using our competence and,
cooperated with the community,
to change with the times.

With Rukma, we sailed the sea,
And with Runga, forests were never far away,
Nila took us on a fascinating journey into the sky,
And Ayesha played along all the way.

Big ideas caught our interest,
Was breaking the gender stereotypes,
And the many equalities that we should strive for,
Or how to treat our Earth and its beings with kindness.

Thinking became easy-peasy, asking questions,
and discussing and discovering the many things,
Wow! There are more ways to act and achieve,
TADAA! We we’re all set.

Unshackling the biases of,
Caste, creed, colour and caste,
We are all set to abandon poverty,
And add SPICE back into our lives.

How we love our Dipitees,
With Tamatam, Chincu, Pemcha,
Kaaka, Octo and Robodost,
Together we will change the world.

So many activities to keep us hooked,
Those h5p games were so awesome,
And so we’re the video stories,
And the COOL! eBooks to read.

We were all but some random alphabets,
Till as a 300M teacher, you came along,
Stringing those words into beautiful poems,
Creating an exciting future.

We were all but some random alphabets,
With 300M, we are all set to create a new world,
We were all but some random alphabets,
With 300M, we are all set to create a new world.

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